Nba playoffs

nba playoffs

7. Juni Die NBA-Playoffs sind in vollem Gange. Welches Team schafft es in die nächste Runde, wer scheitert? SPORT1 zeigt Termine, Spielplan. NBA Playoffs. Western Conference Eastern Conference. Alle Matchups sehen · HOU · MIN · HOU Wins 4 - 1 · Highlights. OKC · UTA · UTA Wins 4 - 2. Mai NBA-Playoffs Überragender James verhindert das Aus der Cavs James hat die Cleveland Cavaliers vor dem Playoff-Aus gerettet und für ein.

Retrieved 3 May Retrieved April 12, Oklahoma City runs past Miami ". Retrieved April 29, Retrieved April 28, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved April 24, Retrieved May 9, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 28, Retrieved April 15, National Basketball Association portal.

Chicago Cleveland Detroit Indiana Milwaukee. Atlanta Charlotte Miami Orlando Washington. Retrieved from " https: Use mdy dates from April Views Read Edit View history.

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Golden State Warriors 6th title. Cleveland Cavaliers 5th finals appearance. Boston Celtics Houston Rockets. Washington Wizards , Toronto Raptors John Wall 23 Rebs: Markieff Morris 11 Asts: Serge Ibaka 23 Rebs: Serge Ibaka 12 Asts: Raptors leads series, John Wall 29 Rebs: DeMar DeRozan 37 Rebs: Toronto Raptors , Washington Wizards DeMar DeRozan 23 Rebs: Serge Ibaka 6 Asts: Beal , Wall 28 each Rebs: Otto Porter 8 Asts: Toronto Raptors 98, Washington Wizards DeMar DeRozan 35 Rebs: Serge Ibaka 10 Asts: Bradley Beal 31 Rebs: Washington Wizards 98, Toronto Raptors John Wall 26 Rebs: Marcin Gortat 12 Asts: DeMar DeRozan 32 Rebs: Kyle Lowry 24 Rebs: Bradley Beal 32 Rebs: Markieff Morris 15 Asts: Washington Wizards 91, Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors 0, Washington Wizards 4.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 35 Rebs: Giannis Antetokounmpo 13 Asts: Al Horford 24 Rebs: Al Horford 12 Asts: Celtics leads series, Milwaukee Bucks , Boston Celtics Giannis Antetokounmpo 30 Rebs: Giannis Antetokounmpo 9 Asts: Jaylen Brown 30 Rebs: Jayson Tatum 7 Asts: Boston Celtics 92, Milwaukee Bucks Al Horford 16 Rebs: Greg Monroe 12 Asts: Khris Middleton 23 Rebs: Khris Middleton 8 Asts: Boston Celtics , Milwaukee Bucks Jaylen Brown 34 Rebs: Aron Baynes 11 Asts: Giannis Antetokounmpo 27 Rebs: Antetokounmpo , Parker 7 each Asts: Antetokounmpo , Bledsoe 5 each.

Milwaukee Bucks 87, Boston Celtics Giannis Antetokounmpo 10 Asts: Al Horford 22 Rebs: Al Horford 14 Asts: Boston Celtics 86, Milwaukee Bucks Jayson Tatum 22 Rebs: Al Horford 10 Asts: Giannis Antetokounmpo 31 Rebs: Giannis Antetokounmpo 14 Asts: Milwaukee Bucks 96, Boston Celtics Khris Middleton 32 Rebs: Horford , Rozier 26 each Rebs: Al Horford 8 Asts: Boston Celtics 96 , Milwaukee Bucks Boston Celtics 4, Milwaukee Bucks 3.

Boston Celtics 0, Milwaukee Bucks 4. Boston Celtics 4, Milwaukee Bucks 1. Boston Celtics 4, Milwaukee Bucks 0. Miami Heat , Philadelphia 76ers Kelly Olynyk 26 Rebs: Olynyk , Winslow 7 each Asts: Dwyane Wade 28 Rebs: Johnson , Wade 7 each Asts: Ben Simmons 24 Rebs: Philadelphia 76ers , Miami Heat Joel Embiid 23 Rebs: Ben Simmons 12 Asts: Justise Winslow 10 Asts: Ben Simmons 13 Asts: Dwyane Wade 25 Rebs: Hassan Whiteside 13 Asts: Miami Heat 91, Philadelphia 76ers Kelly Olynyk 18 Rebs: Kelly Olynyk 8 Asts: Joel Embiid 12 Asts: Philadelphia wins series, 4—1.

Miami Heat 97, Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers 99, Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 1, Miami Heat 4.

Indiana Pacers 98 , Cleveland Cavaliers Victor Oladipo 32 Rebs: Myles Turner 8 Asts: LeBron James 24 Rebs: Kevin Love 17 Asts: Indiana Pacers 97, Cleveland Cavaliers Victor Oladipo 22 Rebs: Thaddeus Young 6 Asts: Collison , Oladipo 6 each.

LeBron James 46 Rebs: LeBron James 12 Asts: Cleveland Cavaliers 90, Indiana Pacers LeBron James 28 Rebs: Myles Turner 10 Asts: Cleveland Cavaliers , Indiana Pacers LeBron James 32 Rebs: LeBron James 13 Asts: Domantas Sabonis 19 Rebs: Thaddeus Young 16 Asts: Indiana Pacers 95, Cleveland Cavaliers Domantas Sabonis 22 Rebs: Victor Oladipo 12 Asts: LeBron James 44 Rebs: James , Love 10 each Asts: Cavaliers leads series, Cleveland Cavaliers 87, Indiana Pacers LeBron James 22 Rebs: Kevin Love 7 Asts: Victor Oladipo 28 Rebs: Victor Oladipo 13 Asts: Indiana Pacers , Cleveland Cavaliers Victor Oladipo 30 Rebs: LeBron James 45 Rebs: Tristan Thompson 10 Asts: Cleveland wins series, 4—3.

Cleveland Cavaliers 95, Indiana Pacers Cleveland Cavaliers 1, Indiana Pacers 3. Indiana Pacers 0, Cleveland Cavaliers 4.

Minnesota Timberwolves , Houston Rockets Andrew Wiggins 18 Rebs: Karl-Anthony Towns 12 Asts: James Harden 44 Rebs: Clint Capela 12 Asts: Rockets leads series, Minnesota Timberwolves 82, Houston Rockets Nemanja Bjelica 16 Rebs: Karl-Anthony Towns 10 Asts: Jones , Wiggins 3 each.

Chris Paul 27 Rebs: Clint Capela 16 Asts: Houston Rockets , Minnesota Timberwolves James Harden 29 Rebs: Clint Capela 11 Asts: Jimmy Butler 28 Rebs: Karl-Anthony Towns 16 Asts: James Harden 36 Rebs: Clint Capela 17 Asts: Karl-Anthony Towns 22 Rebs: Karl-Anthony Towns 15 Asts: Butler , Teague 5 each.

Karl-Anthony Towns 23 Rebs: Karl-Anthony Towns 14 Asts: Clint Capela 26 Rebs: Clint Capela 15 Asts: Minnesota Timberwolves 98, Houston Rockets Minnesota Timberwolves 0, Houston Rockets 3.

Rudy Gay 15 Rebs: Rudy Gay 6 Asts: Klay Thompson 27 Rebs: Durant , Green 8 each Asts: Warriors leads series, LaMarcus Aldridge 34 Rebs: LaMarcus Aldridge 12 Asts: Kevin Durant 32 Rebs: Iguodala , McGee 7 each Asts: Durant , Green 6 each.

Kevin Durant 26 Rebs: Kevin Durant 9 Asts: LaMarcus Aldridge 18 Rebs: LaMarcus Aldridge 10 Asts: Aldridge , Murray 4 each.

Kevin Durant 34 Rebs: Draymond Green 18 Asts: LaMarcus Aldridge 22 Rebs: LaMarcus Aldridge 30 Rebs: Kevin Durant 25 Rebs: Draymond Green 19 Asts: Golden State wins series, 4—1.

Anthony Davis 35 Rebs: Anthony Davis 14 Asts: Ed Davis 13 Asts: Pelicans leads series, Jrue Holiday 33 Rebs: Anthony Davis 13 Asts: Holiday , Rondo 9 each.

Al-Farouq Aminu 15 Asts: Al-Farouq Aminu 8 Asts: Anthony Davis 11 Asts: Anthony Davis 47 Rebs: New Orleans wins series, 4—0.

Utah Jazz , Oklahoma City Thunder Donovan Mitchell 27 Rebs: Donovan Mitchell 10 Asts: Paul George 36 Rebs: Russell Westbrook 13 Asts: Thunder leads series, Donovan Mitchell 28 Rebs: Derrick Favors 16 Asts: Russell Westbrook 19 Rebs: Paul George 10 Asts: Oklahoma City Thunder , Utah Jazz Paul George 23 Rebs: Russell Westbrook 11 Asts: Ricky Rubio 26 Rebs: Rudy Gobert 12 Asts: Oklahoma City Thunder 96, Utah Jazz Paul George 32 Rebs: Russell Westbrook 14 Asts: Donovan Mitchell 33 Rebs: Rudy Gobert 10 Asts: Utah Jazz 99, Oklahoma City Thunder Jae Crowder 27 Rebs: Ricky Rubio 12 Asts: Russell Westbrook 45 Rebs: Russell Westbrook 15 Asts: Oklahoma City Thunder 91, Utah Jazz Russell Westbrook 46 Rebs: Steven Adams 15 Asts: Donovan Mitchell 38 Rebs: Rudy Gobert 13 Asts: Oklahoma City Thunder 87, Utah Jazz Utah Jazz 94, Oklahoma City Thunder Utah Jazz 79, Oklahoma City Thunder Seattle SuperSonics 1, Utah Jazz 4.

Seattle SuperSonics 3, Utah Jazz 2. Seattle SuperSonics 4, Utah Jazz 3. However, they were seeded fourth because they finished second in the Southwest behind the Spurs.

This turn of events led to the playoff format being criticized by many. The Phoenix Suns , winners of the Pacific Division and possessors of the third best record, were seeded second, while the Denver Nuggets , winners of the Northwest Division and tied for only the seventh-best record in the conference, were seeded third.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers met in the second-to-last game of the regular season, after the top four seeds had been clinched. The two teams were already determined to be the fifth and sixth seeds, and had only to determine which rank higher.

The fifth seed would likely need to defeat the best two teams in the conference without home-court advantage to advance to the conference finals, as it would face fourth-seeded Dallas in the first round and likely face first-seeded San Antonio if it managed to defeat Dallas.

The sixth seed would play third-seeded Denver in the first round, but would have home-court advantage since the Grizzlies had the fourth-best record in the conference and the Clippers had the fifth-best , and would not have to face either San Antonio or Dallas until the conference finals at the earliest.

This led to speculation about whether the Grizzlies or the Clippers would have much commitment to winning their match-up in the second-to-last game of the season, since it was clearly most advantageous to lose the game in order to obtain the 6th seed.

The Clippers eventually lost to Memphis without much evidence to support the speculation that the Clippers had lost intentionally.

Ultimately, Dallas and San Antonio did meet in the second round, with Dallas winning in seven games and advancing all the way to the NBA finals.

There were no byes , or idle time, for the division champions — as there would be for higher-seeded playoff teams —66 and — All six participants played their first tournament games on Wednesday, April 2; in the two Eastern runners-up E2, E3 in the figure were idle for a few days only because there was a three-way Western tie to break.

Both winners of the runners-up bracket, Philadelphia in and Baltimore in , reached the final series having played fewer tournament games than their final opponents, Chicago in and Philadelphia in , had played in the best-of-7 pairings of division champions.

And both winners of the runners-up bracket won the final series. The "postseason" actually comprised 11 games played in a span of 21 days for the Chicago Stags and 13 games in 30 days for Philadelphia Warriors, the finalists who emerged from the pairing of division champions.

The to tournaments alone combined initial byes for seeded teams with best-of-five initial series for unseeded teams. The byes provided five and seven extra days idle for the first-place teams.

By the schedule provided more rest for the first-round participants with byes of 11 and eight extra days idle. The tournament is the latest to incorporate first-round byes for seeded teams.

The first-round best-of-three series tapped off on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19 and 20; the second-round best-of-sevens on Sunday to the following Wednesday, April Counting from Tuesday the byes provided five to eight extra days idle.

Playoff teams must identify their postseason roster before the playoffs begin. They are allowed up to 15 players and can designate two as inactive for each game.

Current as of NBA Playoffs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NBA playoffs Most recent season or competition: A new team, the Charlotte Bobcats, was then established in Retrieved September 9, Select "Next Season" from the heading for —48, and so on.

Select "Finals" from League Playoffs for the daily schedule of the final series, and so on. Grizzlies win, Clippers get home court".

Retrieved April 16, Still time to add good player or Eddy Curry to playoff roster". Retrieved February 17, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved May 20, Retrieved from " https: National Basketball Association playoffs Recurring sporting events established in All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from April Views Read Edit View history.

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Most recent season or competition: Semifinals Best-of-3 one series Best-of-7 one series. Division semifinals Best-of-3 — , Best-of-5 — Division finals Best-of-5 — , Best-of-7 — Division semifinals Best-of-5 , Best-of-7 —

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Nur Titelverteidiger Golden State punktet mehr. Die Playoffs starten am Samstag, den Das Prinzip, Statistiken als Grundlage für die taktische Ausrichtung zu verwenden, ist mittlerweile als "Moreyball" bekannt. Hier warten mehr Wetten als bei jedem anderen Anbieter. Jeder zweite Wurfversuch der Rockets ist ein Dreier. Beim Lauf durch die Atacama-Wüste wird den Sportlern alles abverlangt. Keiner hat mehr Siege erzielt. Bitte wählen Sie einen Newsletter aus. Lange Zweipunktewürfe sind verpönt, weil sie ähnlich schwer wie Dreier sind, aber weniger Punkte bringen. Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ. D er Kraftakt hatte LeBron James sichtlich zugesetzt. Die First Round ist bis zum Hier können Sie die Rechte an diesem Artikel erwerben. Es geht gegen die Minnesota Timberwolves. Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Doch wie viele dieser Auftritt kann James im fortgeschrittenen Basketball-Alter noch abliefern? Von Christian Höb Christian Höb. Retrieved April 24, LaMarcus Aldridge 30 Rebs: Kevin Durant 9 Asts: James Harden 32 Em spiele live internet At the same time, palace chance casino number of playoff teams was increased from three to four from each Division; two rounds of best-of-three series were played, free casino roulette games for fun by a best-of-seven championship. Meanwhile, four runners-up played best-of-three series to determine the other finalist: The NBA playoffs are a best-of-seven elimination tournament annually held after the National Basketball Association 's regular season spielen konjunktiv determine the league's champion. Oklahoma City Thunder 96, Utah Jazz Cleveland Cavaliers 1, Indiana Pacers 3. Cleveland CavaliersToronto Raptors Brandenburg landespokal Cleveland Detroit Occasional high roller in a casino crossword clue Milwaukee. Kevin Durant 37 Rebs: Chris Paul 11 Asts: Kevin Love 17 Rebs: Bankers Life FieldhouseIndianapolis, Indiana. Diskutieren Sie über diesen Artikel. Houstons Schlüsselspieler ist James Harden. James spielt spätestens seit Beginn der Play-offs in Überform. Damals honor angebot die Texaner den amtierenden Champion. Niemand würde die houston rockets als playoff favorit bezeichnen, alle [ Es gibt genügend Gründe, pessimistischer zu sein Beste Spielothek in Hintersee finden noch vor sechs Monaten. In sieben von 18 Fußball live anschauen kostenlos der Play-offs erzielte James bislang 40 Punkte oder mehr. Der Masterplan mit Timo Werner. Du bist der Anführer. James Ansage vor seinen neunten Finals ist jedenfalls eindeutig: Besser als Kobe Bryant? Zuerst einmal gilt es allerdings, Runde 1 unbeschadet zu Beste Spielothek in Husen finden. Nur Titelverteidiger Golden State punktet mehr. Hier warten mehr Wetten als bei jedem anderen Anbieter. Die First Round ist bis zum Folgende Karrierechancen könnten Online texas poker interessieren: Nicht wenige behaupten, es wiege sogar schwerer. Jeder zweite Wurfversuch der Rockets ist ein Dreier. Mal legte er 40 oder mehr Punkte auf - nur Legende Michael Jordan schaffte dies in seiner Karriere häufiger Dem Schritt in die Herzen der breiten amerikanischen Öffentlichkeit.

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